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Dongguan sheet metal processing technology and acceptance criteria

Dongguan sheet metal processing technology: according to the basic processing of sheet metal parts, such as cutting, bending, stretching, forming, welding.
Cutting: cutting according to the different processing methods can be divided into general red, the number of red, cut bed open material, laser cutting, wind cutting, due to different processing methods, cutting the processing technology is also different. Dongguan sheet metal processing and cutting methods for the number of red and laser cutting bending material bending its rounded area, the outer layer received tension, the inner layer is compressed. When the material thickness is constant, the smaller the inner r, the more severe the tensile and compressing of the material. When the tensile stress of the outer fillet exceeds the ultimate strength of the material, cracks and breaks are generated. Therefore, the structure of the bent part Design, should avoid too small curved fillet radius.
Stretch: the fillet radius between the bottom of the drawing and the straight wall should be greater than the thickness of the plate, that is, r1 ≥ t In order to make the stretch more smoothly, generally take r1 = (3 ~ 5) t, the maximum fillet radius should Less than or equal to 8 times the thickness of the plate, that r1 ≤ 8t. Stretch parts due to stress across the size of the different, so that after stretching the material thickness will change. In general, the bottom of the central to maintain the original degree, the bottom of the fillet material thinning, the top near the flange material thickening, rectangular stretch around the filament thickening material.
Molding: In the plate metal parts on the pressure tendons, help to increase the structural rigidity, blinds are usually used for a variety of casing or chassis from the ventilation and heat dissipation, the molding method is by punching the edge of the material cut And the remainder of the punch presses the material simultaneously for tensile deformation to form a undulating shape of the opening.
Welding: welding methods are mainly arc welding, electroslag welding, gas welding, plasma arc welding, melting welding, pressure welding, brazing, sheet metal welding products mainly for arc welding, gas welding. Arc welding with a flexible, mobile, wide applicability, can be all-position welding; equipment used is simple, durable, and low maintenance costs. But the labor intensity is large, the quality is not stable enough, determined by the operator level. Suitable for welding more than 3mm carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous alloy gas welding flame temperature and the nature can be adjusted in the arc welding heat source than the heat affected area wide, heat as arc concentration, low productivity used in thin-walled structure And small pieces of welding, welding steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper sheet metal chassis acceptance of the standard inspection, acceptance site can be specified in the contractor or Party A product arrival, the results should be consistent, and to the end The result is the end result.
Acceptance criteria:
1. The bottom of the box and other side flatness of 1mm.
2. The front and rear sides of the box or the vertical and horizontal relative to the bottom of the vertical degree of 1mm.
3. The top and bottom sides of the panel are 0.5mm parallel and 0.5mm on the side and bottom.
4. After the panel is installed in the box, it should be vertical and straight, its side and the bottom of the box vertical degree of 0.5mm, the bottom and the bottom of the box parallel to 0.5mm.
5. Install the circuit board or chassis of the box, need to use tooling analog circuit board or chassis assembly, tooling loading, pull out the box should be smooth, into the box, should be properly secured, no floating loose phenomenon. Hard-wired connectors should be accurate, insert, pull out without exception block.
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